The Skillet Licker Songwriter Review

Skillet LickerSkillet Licker is composed of Zach Simpson on Lead Guitar, Dardnella Evans on Rythym Guitar, 15 yr old Zach Simpson on Bass, and 18 year old Travis Waters on drums.

Songwriters, Dardnella Evans (also known as "Dee") and Zach Simpson, are Instrumentalists and Entertainers. They are known as, "The Skillet Licker Songwriter Review" and are available for performance bookings throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Their songs are lyrical and have grown out of a mesh from former music involvement as individuals from bands such as Amazon River Boys, Atomic Ace, and Black Dragon. Their music is unique and is available for purchase and archived in the songwriter’s guild as well as several recording studios to be re-recorded by other musicians or used in movie sound tracks.

They met in December of 1993 at a Wendy's restaurant in Branson Missouri while attending a Song Writers Showcase and have been performing together ever since. They are both singer song writers and have written originals together and separately. They have always been about show casing local entertainers that had no place to perform. Zach and Dardnella (Dee) had their own show in Branson Mo. and that’s what the show was about; original music, songwriters and local entertainers. The show was successful in that it provided opportunities and helped provide industry visibility for other musicians.

The Dee and Zach combo are considered a tight duet with strong vocals and both are lead singers while serving as back up harmony singer’s for each other as well as for other singers when needed. Both Dee and Zach perform on a variety of different instruments which allows them to be perfect for hire as studio musicians.

Performances include a vast array of songs that have been produced and recorded by famous artists; however, they always include their personal compositions to the delight of the audiences. All gigs include country, bluegrass, gospel, blues, old rock and roll, folk and of course originals.

This wonderful, unique and delight approach to music has evolved as a result of a duo that has worked long and hard over the past 17 years to become who they are. Both Dee and Zach give thanks to Jesus Christ for without him they could not do what they do.