About Absolute Music Publishing

Absolute Music Publishing, Inc., also known as "The AMP", became a reality for the owners, Don and Barbara Snellgrove, in 2009 after owning a recording studio for two years and observing how difficult it is for artists to have their music published and then distributed properly.

The AMP has aligned itself with several companies such as Sunrise Recording and Film Productions and A102studios as well as investor groups to help promote artists who desire a future in the music industry. These connections will hopefully provide opportunities of industry exposure for songs that may never have been heard by the world. Other companies that may be sources of song exposure will be offered for review by artist during individual interview appointments.

Great songs are written every day and never heard or given to already existing successful artists to perform on behalf of the composer and one of our goals of The AMP, is to place music in the proper music archive to make sure that any successful artist who is running dry with ideas can review freshly written music to be possibly recorded and released to the world.

Everyone knows that the writer is the one who makes the most net profits in the music industry because they have no other responsibilities for the performance or overhead required to place the music "on the road" so to speak or to have it properly circulated. Many times, a famous artist becomes tagged as "old bones" and they have dried up with fresh ideas, therefore, there is a market for a writer who has good songs to offer for sale.

About the owner: Don Snellgrove, the President of Absolute Music Publishing has been in the music environment since childhood, performing in the marching band on brass instruments at Paxon Senior High in Jacksonville, Florida and then receiving a BMed degree to teach music in the school systems from Florida State University.

Snellgrove became both a middle school and high school band director in Ft Lauderdale Florida and then later in Jacksonville as well as Hilliard, Florida. During this time Snellgrove also performed part time in assembles such as the Seven Knights of Soul with guest performances with Ira Sullivan and the Bakers Dozen. He also worked as a studio musician with recording studios such as Criteria, SRS International Recording Studios and Triad Studios.

Working with music students in clinics with such clinician greats as trumpet jazz artist Ira Sullivan and Nick Russo as well as Doc Sevensen of the Tonight Show, to name a few, has always been a joy for Snellgrove to participate in while helping young musicians develop properly. Don Snellgrove also performed on sound tracks from comedy movies like "The God Mother" with Mickey Rooney, Lisa Minnelli, and Frank Fountain as well as the total opposite of the genre which would be country touring sessions with Grandpa Jones and Hee Haw, a once well known TV show. Numerous commercial jingles for donut shops to post office ads may be added to the resume of Snellgrove which provided additional income to his part time ventures in the music and movie industry. Other types of exposure within the industry is found with Snellgrove’s performance with the Symphony in both Jacksonville University and Florida State University with productions for Opera and musical performances such as Othello, Hamlet and Man of LaMacha.

Actively performing in the music industry over the years has given Snellgrove the ability to help musicians with their productions giving suggestions when needed and by the same token, guiding them in the proper direction as a referring agent.